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Directional Speakers - Focused Sound

We are so confident in the quality of our product we offer a five year warranty. We even cover power surges and lightning damage.

Our overhead arrays are available in free hanging and suspended ceiling configurations, with circular and oval patterns. Our overhead arrays are thin and unobtrusive, no dust-collecting domes. Ours is the only technology that allows for easy pushbutton adjustment of the size of the coverage area.

Our overhead speaker arrays are generally set to bring the sound to a focus at the listener and then allow the sound to rapidly dissipate. If, for some reason, you would like a coverage pattern similar to dome speakers, that is an easy pushbutton adjustment.

Our mini-arrays are generally mounted above or below a touch or video screen. Beware of look-alike imitations. A long box with two or three speakers will not provide focused sound. Ask to see polar patterns showing the focus of their speakers. We are so proud of our sound control ability, we send the final test polar patterns with every mini-array we ship.  Our mini-arrays are thin  (one or two inches thick) and easily mounted.  The thin profile makes them easy to integrate into kiosks and housings.

All Dakota Audio directional speakers include a custom-built integrated amplifier.

Our arrays sound so good they have been installed in many music museums. They are capable of much higher sound levels than ultrasonic or parametric type speakers. There are no "beams" of sound that continue to bounce around the area. We don’t have the "head in a salad bowl" sound typical of some dome speakers.



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