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Dakota Audio Directional Speaker Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs.

What are the mounting options for Dakota Audio Directional Speaker Arrays?

Dakota Audio directional speakers are thin, lightweight and have several mount points enabling them to be implemented in a wide variety of configurations. The overhead arrays are suspended from thin aircraft cables. They can also be mounted under grates in the floor, either right under the listener, or in the floor near the display with the sound projected sideways to the listener. Our Floor Speaker is less than an inch thin (for a post construction version include the grill which brings it to one inch thick)

Our Mini Speaker Arrays are frequently mounted above and or below Plasma and LCD screens and in kiosks. They can also be mounted in a wall near or under the display with the sound offset to suit the situation. We have several different speaker models not yet listed on our website, so be sure to contact us with your requirements. We have likely encountered a scenario similar to yours in the past and have a speaker to suit your needs.

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