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Dakota Audio Directional Speaker Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs.

How long is the proprietary cable between the directional MA-4/MA-5 Mini Array Speakers and the remote amplifier?

The audio signal cable that connects the MA-4 and MA-5 series Mini Arrays to the remote amplifier is approximately 6 feet or 1.8 meters long. 

The common wire in the cable from the mini-arrays to the amplifiers must have less than one ohm resistance.   This is the reason we limit the length of the cable to six feet for normal usage.

We can provide a custom cable (through special order) with a very heavy braided shield - which we use as the common - that enables the distance between mini array and amplifier to be increased to a maximum of 50 feet.  (This is the maximum length that Dakota Audio will support)

Unsupported alternative: To extend the length further than 50 feet, the customer will have to run a very heavy common cable, they will need to figure out the appropriate gauge wire required to get to less than one ohm.  The customer will then have to find a way to splice into the cable from the mini-array to the connector that plugs into the amplifier.

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