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Custom Kiosk and Digital Signage

Check out our custom designed OEM speaker assemblies for kiosks, digital signage, and similar applications. 

While our standard speakers are directional, where cost or space is an issue, we can supply low cost non-directional speaker assemblies.


Housings are available in various finishes and colors, or the speaker assembly can be mounted within the kiosk, behind a grill or perforated panel.


The amplifiers are included and can often be mounted within the speaker assembly.


Speaker assemblies with a frequency response tailored for maximum intelligibility can fit into a space as small as 1.3” (33mm) high.  Speaker assemblies with frequency response suitable for voice and music can fit into a space 2.1” (54mm) high.  Space and provisions for accessories, such as cameras, can be built into the speaker assembly.


All metalware and mechanical parts are designed in 3D CAD using Solidworks.  We can provide CAD files to interface with most 3D CAD software.  We can also accept most 3D CAD software files to aid in the design.  


Give us a call. We think you will be surprised at our low cost for a custom solution designed specifically for your application.

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